Palouse Prairie Field Guide
An Introductory Guide to Native Plants,
Agricultural Crops and Invasive Weeds for the Curious

By Dave M. Skinner, Jacie W. Jensen and Gerry Queener

Dedicated to Dave M Skinner, January 28, 2016

The Field Guide is made as a "carry along with you" book. The spiral binding and pocketable size
(4" wide X 8.5" tall) should encourage the curious to include it on even the briefest of walks.
Retail price - $23.95 - can be purchased at a store near you or here.

$23.95 (+ shipping $4.85) Buy Here

It is designed to assist landowners and plant enthusiasts identify native plants found in the Inland Northwest prairie regions of Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana. The guide also includes agricultural crops and invasive weeds to increase an awareness and appreciation for the land among readers.

The field guide uses introductory language and is organized first by color of the plants, second by family name and thirdly by common name. Scientific names are introduced with phonetic spellings. The guide is complete with photographs courtesy of various contributors and illustrations by young local artist Julianne Bledsoe, and is compact and practical in size and structure.


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